Ecommerce Development Assistant

Posted on: 09th May 2019

Andertons have an exciting technical position available in our Ecommerce team. As a web-savvy, technically skilled, natural problem solver, you will be supporting the development and ongoing upkeep of the Andertons website, as well as other internal technical infrastructure that helps it run behind the scenes.

The Ecommerce Development Assistant position presents a prize opportunity to gain experience working for a successful and busy retail ecommerce company. You’ll learn about web development on the industry-standard IBM Websphere Commerce platform as well as testing and maintenance processes involved in supporting a multi-million pound website. You’ll solve problems by working with developers and other team members to get to the bottom of issues and pain-points, and you’ll support the wider team where your extra level of technical knowledge can save time, or remove a roadblock.

For this role, you will need to be technically capable and web savvy with a keen interest in the technologies that make the web work. No prior experience in web development is required.

Your Interests

We’re interested in meeting enthusiastic people who are hungry to dive into digital or to move their digital careers forward. As such, we don’t want to specify any hard requirements for this role. However, if any or all of these technical areas interest you, or you already have some experience with them, definitely put in an application so we can have an informal chat about the role on offer!

  • Building Websites e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, PHP, WordPress, APIs, Microservices
  • Selling Things Online e.g. Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento
  • Website Design & User Experience e.g. UX Improvement, Conversion Rate Improvement, UI Design, Digital Design
  • Technical Support & Helpdesk e.g. talking to users of a website and helping them solve technical problems
  • Scripting or Programming in any language e.g. Python, C, VB, Windows/Linux command line
  • Testing / QA e.g. Quality Assurance, Automated Testing, Selenium
  • A technical background e.g. you have qualifications in ICT / Computer Science / Maths / Physics / Electronics etc.

Daily Duties & Key Responsibilities

You will report to the Ecommerce Development Manager and take guidance and instruction from them, assisting their efforts to develop the website and supporting web services. These are some of the areas of responsibility we need to fill with the Ecommerce Development Assistant position:

Managing the backlog of development ideas

  • You may constantly review the website features and suggest your own website improvement ideas and add them to the backlog
  • You will help the Ecommerce Development Manager prioritise tickets in the backlog
  • You will help organise and ‘tag’ issues in the backlog so the EDM can clearly see the development landscape
  • You will hold meetings with other ecommerce team members to gain clarity on feature ideas and ensure developers understand what success looks like

Specification and User Manuals

  • When new features are agreed, you will write supporting documentation to help with signoff and alignment of understanding
  • Write specification documents to describe how website features work, helping developers and other stakeholders understand the web application
  • Write business user manuals for new features and provide basic training for non technical users where necessary


  • Quality Assurance: You will write and execute detailed and comprehensive test procedures to ensure new web development features work as intended and meet our high standards
  • Troubleshooting Bugs: Taking a lead on fixing website issues quickly. Working with 3rd party software providers to report bugs, manage support tickets and solve website issues.

Technical Implementation and Management

  • With help from other team members, you may implement features which require additional technical knowhow such as website tagging
  • You will produce reports on development and testing success rates and support ticket success rates

Your Profile

  • Willing to step up to a position which revolves around improving and perfecting our customers’ website experience.
  • A natural technophile who is not afraid of working with web technologies.
  • A person that loves to solve problems and will not be daunted by facing complex, logical challenges.
  • Itching to learn and build your skillset within the web development and ecommerce fields.
  • A self-starting learner. Team members are given freedom to pursue their own ideas and support their own position in the business. The most successful members of the team take this freedom by the gonads and develop fast within the team!
  • If you are a musician, this is a big plus as it helps you understand the desire our customers have for our products.
  • A starting level of technical competence is a must – you must be the kind of internet-savvy person that solves I.T. problems for your family and friends! – however you will receive plenty of support and training from the internal team to help you build the specific skills needed for success in your role!

As one of the first hires within the technical sub-team, this could be your chance to make a mark within a mature ecommerce business.

No recruiters please.

About Andertons Music Co.

Andertons Music Co. is the UK’s best-loved Rock ‘n’ Roll musical instrument retailer. Established over 50 years ago in 1964 and still family-run, Andertons offers gear from all the top name brands in guitars, drums, keyboards and recording equipment – companies like Marshall, Fender, Gibson and Yamaha.

Andertons also has its own fan following via two YouTube channels that between them have 1 million subscribers in well-over 150 countries. This reach presents the company with a unique opportunity to differentiate and grow within the industry, not just as a retailer but as a brand itself.

The ecommerce operation has been undergoing rapid growth (30x in 9 years) and recently has seen massive technology investment to bolster the business. The plan for 2019 includes continued investment to develop and leverage the new world-class technology.

Always looking for a chance to stick two fingers up at the status quo, this Internet Retailing Top 150 company presents a unique opportunity for passionate digital professionals to come on board, express their creativity and initiative, and steer this exciting brand with unrivalled potential to new heights.


Extra Information

  • Contract Type: Full Time
  • Working Hours: 37.5 Hours Monday to Friday
  • Salary: circa £22,000
  • Job Location: Andertons Digital Office, Guildford
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