Online Merchandiser

Posted on: 18th September 2019

If you are a musical instrument gear nerd who frequents the Andertons website, always hunting down your next purchase, you might just excel in our Online Merchandiser role!

This position has arisen as a result of continued growth of our e-commerce operation, to support our existing Online Merchandiser. You will be the online version of a retail merchandiser – the person who dresses the shop and the shop window – making sure that products in our online store are represented in their best light!

The heart of this role is to look at the Andertons website in our customers’ shoes and use that point of view to improve their customer journeys.

Using a set of digital reporting and content management tools which allow fine analysis and control of our website, you will make the products we sell look great, and craft the website to make customers’ experiences seamless.

Aims of the Role

  • Dress our online catalogue to make products look as attractive as possible
  • Help customers find products quickly
  • Ensure that key selling points of products are communicated in the best possible way so customers can make purchase decisions easily
  • Ensure that customers know about promotions and deals that are relevant to them
  • Ensure that customers are aware of all of the products that might suit their needs
  • Ensure that customers understand the benefits of one product versus another
  • Ensure that customers are aware of accessories and complementary items

In short: you’ll be putting your “Andertons Customer” hat on, imagining you’re buying your next piece of kit, then ensuring the journey to doing this is as smooth and seamless as possible. What job could be better?!

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to own and shape an exciting path within the company. You’ll be trading a website full of products that you and our customers love. Andertons is a UK Top 150 Internet Retailing company.

About You

  • You will be highly knowledgeable about the products Andertons sells
  • You can empathise with many different types of customer and identify possible frustration points & bottlenecks
  • You are a problem solver. Instead of listing all the reasons “why not”, you always find a way!
  • You are extremely computer literate and are comfortable using cloud based software tools
  • Demonstration of a background in sales, trading, retail or merchandising would be a plus
  • Experience of using analytics, reporting or marketing tools would be a plus

Both junior candidates and experienced digital merchandisers are welcome to apply. In your cover letter, tell us about your previous experiences which demonstrate that the profile above matches you!

Key Responsibilities

Maximise the sales potential of products
Working alongside our product and content teams, you will discuss and enact changes to individual products, categories and the online catalogue as a whole.

Make changes so that products are found more easily
This could be identifying new navigation categories, optimising our site search engine, targeting customers with relevant banner adverts, or adding specification data to products so that users can narrow down products using the criteria they want.

Maximise the visibility of key product ranges and important promotions
You will be responsible for merchandising high-traffic site pages (the shop window!) in order to guide customers to important products and promotions.

Manage related products
When buying a musical instrument, customers consider complementary items, alternative products, accessories, and whether to buy the next model up! Your work will help ensure that customers have all of these options made clear to them when shopping on our website.

You may also be able to follow up with customers after their purchase to help them find their next piece of gear

Provide a frustration free shopping experience for our customers
Shopping on a large website can be a bad experience for customers! Being unable to find an answer to a question that will help you make your purchase decision, or making a purchase then finding out there was an alternative product or promotion you had not considered, leads to disappointment and frustration!

By empathising with customers on a case-by-case basis, and using reporting tools to identify problems and opportunities, you’ll be able to make common customer journeys 10x better, leaving us with happy customers who find and order the products that are perfect for them!


Extra Information

  • Contract Type: Full Time
  • Working Hours: 9am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday
  • Salary: From £18k upwards (dependent on experience). Inclusion on company bonus scheme after successful 6 month probation.
  • Job Location: Andertons Digital Office, Guildford
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