Why Work For Us?

There’s a whole heap of reasons you might want to work for an award winning, fast growing and exciting retailer like Andertons. Obviously, you get to hang around all the awesome musical gear and take what you like home at generous staff discount rates. But that’s not the only reason you should work for Andertons…

Retail, Web and more!

Andertons is both a large working store and an international e-commerce business. That means that, whatever team suits you best, there’s loads of opportunity to grow your skills. Many of our retail staff get great opportunities to be a part of the web-marketing experience too, featuring in videos, writing product reviews and more. It’s unlike any other retail environment you’ll have worked in!

Get the best of working for a big company, and a small company

Andertons has grown at an incredible pace the last 10 years. That means we know what it’s like to be a small company – wild Christmas parties and close-knit community and support – but we’re at the cutting edge of business practices too. Personally tailored management mentoring, start-up culture in our web team and a full package of benefits including pension scheme are just some of the benefits.

Stay in the music industry

If you’ve just graduated from a music degree, Andertons can be a great opportunity to get into full or part-time work while staying closely involved in the music industry. Andertons staff have gone on to work for the likes of Fender and Roland while others have done world tours with artists like James Bay!

We’re committed to developing staff

Andertons is full of people who started as part-timers and are now in key senior positions. They got there through a mix of company training and development and their own personal tenacity and initiative. At all levels in the business there are opportunities for training and skills development.

Staff Testimonials

“Andertons has become an institution for musicians and producers. It’s not just a shop, it’s an experience! No two days are the same!”
Brad, Pro Audio

“What I love is the way the company has matched my ambition: I want to progress, they want me to progress, and they support me with training, mentoring and great support from senior management. It’s a really supportive environment.”
Mark, Web Team

“It’s great to work alongside like-minded musicians in an industry we all care for in a very personal way”
Morgan, Purchasing